Therapy is meant to be a process of restoration and connection to yourself, the people you care about, and the community where you live.  Too often though, the formality of the therapeutic process, its unearned stigma, and the inconvenience of yet another appointment in your already busy schedule can all be barriers to creating sustainable, meaningful change in your life.

RunDC breaks down these barriers by meeting you where you’re at, both physically and psychologically, while still utilizing evidence-based interventions that match your unique needs.  Inspired by the reality that the most lasting changes happen in the details of our everyday lives, RunDC steps outside of the traditional walls of a therapy room and finds creative ways to foster growth, compassion, and wellness by combing movement with traditional therapy.

So we run together.  We walk together. We hike together.  We meet at your desired location – your office, home (when deemed appropriate) or favorite park.  Whatever your comfort level, preference, and pace – YOU DECIDE.

ALL fitness levels, ages, and abilities are welcome!

Online therapy services are also provided for clients in Colorado and DC.  Often the combination of in-person and online sessions creates a great opportunity to maintain momentum in the progress made in treatment even when schedules get busy or change unexpectedly.

COLORADO CLIENTS — I serve clients in both DC and Colorado but am based primarily in DC. For Colorado clients interested in learning more about how treatment can look for you, utilizing both in-person and online therapy tools, please contact me directly or click HERE to learn more.

Monday Morning Mindfulness Running Group — *Please note that this group has been put on hold temporarily.

If you’re still not sure about this whole therapy thing, you’re looking for a non-traditional way to engage in effective self-care while connecting with others, or you’re simply wanting to learn more about RunDC, come check out our FREE, on-going group from 7-7:45AM.  The purpose of Monday Morning Mindfulness Running is to create an ethic of connection and set an intention for our upcoming week.  E-mail [email protected] for more details.