From personal experience, I know what a challenge it can be to find the right therapist whose skills and personal demeanor match your needs.  So although I like to think that I come off a bit better in person than I do on paper, just stick with me for a second as I try to spell out some of my modest qualifications.  My hope is that by giving you a honest glimpse of who I am, this can save you time in deciding if I’d be a good fit for you or your family before creating room in your already busy schedule for an initial appointment.

My name is Sara Hunter, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the District of Columbia and Colorado.  As your therapist, I strive to provide you with the skills necessary to support your body and mind’s natural inclination toward healing and restoration while using evidence-based interventions that enable me to address a wide range of issues.  My specific training is grounded in a systems perspective which underpins my belief that the most lasting  changes occur when we can foster safe relationships and develop tangible life skills as opposed to merely identify and address the pathology of an individual psyche.

I operate from a strengths-based and justice-centered framework by:
– Respecting your culture and learning about your individual/familial values that inform therapy;
– Providing a safe space for you to share your story, encouraging the process of healing, connection, and empowerment;
– Working  alongside you as you develop a mindful awareness of your  thoughts, feelings, and actions;
– And ultimately, teaching effective interpersonal tools that promote peace for you, your relationships, and the community where you live.

I’m passionate about giving people the space to share their story because simply put, I believe every story matters.