Monday Morning Mindfulness: Start NOW

March 20, 2016

I’ve always been one to put timelines on things, thinking that once I’ve done x for this long then I’ll be ready for y.   While I felt like I was checking things off my life’s to-do list, preparing for what I thought I wanted to come next, accomplishing one thing so I could take on the next, I was actually just delaying all that I could do now.  I was delaying the things that scared me, that pulled at me but didn’t make perfect sense or fit in what turned out to be a kind of boring, linear life plan.  I know, it sounds silly when I sit here and admit it to you now, but this way of organizing my life seemed to work pretty well for me.  In fact, I would say it worked really well for me until recently, when I received news that broke me.  I’m talking about the kind of news you can’t plan or prepare for, news that hits you when you least expect it.  I’m talking about a sudden loss of a loved one, a cancer prognosis that’s sure to cut yet another life short, or yet another miscarriage.   In coming to terms with my own news, I learned pretty quickly that life doesn’t give a damn if you have enough money, the right degree, or the perfect job, and it sure as hell doesn’t care how hard you have worked to get where you are now in preparation for what’s supposed to come next.  No amount of hope for what you want or bracing for what you dread will change that fact that you simply don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

There is something scary but also freeing when you finally come to terms with that fact.  It’s scary but freeing to realize that there is no such thing as perfect timing or a better circumstance that’s soon to come, and that if you’re able to begin today, then there’s really no sense in waiting for tomorrow.  It’s scary but freeing to finally start something you’ve always wanted to and start it now.  It won’t necessarily be easy but you’ll be happy you did.

So here’s to starting something new today.  Cheers!

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